Sherritt International

Sherritt International is a resource company based in Toronto. They wanted to work with a team to develop a new look and feel for their annual report. They wanted to show a connection to their employee's and an awareness of the economic reality of the state of resources at the time.

I created the art direction to focus on two aspects that Sherritt expressed was vital to their vision. A sense of solidarity with the entire employee base as well as shareholders. They also wanted to express transparency in this document, an honesty to all who share an interest in the present and the future of Sherritt International.

For the cover I used a simple technique that had the words of the company slogan appear to fall behind the employee's in the photo. I wanted the company to stand behind its people, and for a visual metaphor I literally had the slogan do just that. Stand behind the people. I also applied a black and white photo treatment that helped focus on the subject matter. I wanted the audience to know that Sherritt was aware of the aspects of the job, that nobody was looking at the company through any tinted colours, just the raw, real truth.

The interior spreads carried the black and white photography through the document but also integrated the other important aspect, transparency. A simple application of literal transparency in the header colour blocks and some additional photography of the company leaders allowed this metaphor to reveal itself. The information isn't obscured, the focus always goes back to the work, and the people, and reality.

Studio: Fusion Design Group
Team Lead: Jaimie Hallern
Client: Sherritt International