CDI Taste of Home Evening Program

Every year Child Development Institute holds an evening in support of the Taste of Home program. The after-school program aims to support children living in shelters.The best chefs from the Toronto area volunteer there time and talent to cook delicious meals. This year's theme was "Recipe's My Mother Taught Me". The event took place on June 6th, 2016.

I took the art direction from my team lead (Jaimie Hallern) and developed several pieces for the event and closely coordinated with CDI to ensure everything was representing the event faithfully. I also coordinated the printing and delivery of the pieces to ensure all materials were of the highest quality and were delivered on time.


  • Program

  • Chef Station Signs

  • Welcome Sign

  • Beverage Sponsors

  • Raffle Sign

  • Save the Date

Studio: Fusion Design Group
Art Director: Jaimie Hallern
Client: Child Development Institute