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Hi! I thought I might introduce myself. My name is Samuel Hudson Campbell. I'm a second year student in the Graphic Design program at St. Lawrence College. I am 28 years old. I spent a few years working and studying Film at Carleton University before throwing myself into the world of Design. These two fields share some values. Process, authorship and continuity. I love these concepts. The idea of taking an idea, a message or a feeling and putting it through a process of craft that allows one or many distinct voices to translate and change that message into something...

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Hello and welcome! My name is Samuel Hudson Campbell and I am a student designer currently studying at St. Lawrence College in beautiful Kingston, Ontario. That last part was a bit of a lie as it is currently the height of winter and it is miserable out of doors. But, we're not here to talk about that frigid wasteland people call "outside", no, we are here to discuss one of my favourite things in the world: Design. This blog is going to chronicle my experiences being a student of design, currently in my second year, to my early fledgling career. There may...

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