This isn't the end, my friend.

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This isn't the end, my friend.

We've come along way baby.

(How many references can I fit into one post? About that many I'm betting.) The year has come to an end. Second year graphic design is for all intents and purposes, over. I can safely say I did not expect to be where I am in terms of my relationship to design. This is a fantastic thing. One of those things of fantasy was this blog. I love writing, crafting and forming a word or thought or feeling. It is a natural form of expression for myself and my love of words (Whats my favourite word? Hiccuping. Say it aloud. Now. Fun right? You are welcome) was able to live and thrive here during this year and for that I am grateful. Writing and communication is an often underemphasized or underworked muscle of the modern designer but it is easily the most essential. You can be the greatest craftsmen of a unique visual or graphic that will set the worlds culture tumbling, but if no one is able to understand how or why you should be able to do this, then we are all  the poorer for it. The greatest challenge of this blog I can easily identify as the creating of a unique visual to be the header for each of these posts. Some were a little nebulous and I had a hard time distilling the essence of my topic into a single visual. This is the struggle of my life though, and I dare not shirk it. The greatest part of it was obviously being allowed to write. I may have pushed the boundaries of what an appropriate word count was at times but what are rules if no scofflaw is around to break them? I would love to continue this blog and I hope I will. I hope I have a summer filled with adventures and design epiphanies, epiphinae? What is the plural of epiphany? It's "epiphanies", what a let down. Regardless, expect more content here or for more regular updates my twitter is my home of choice when communicating on a massive scale. More than anything else I hope that you have enjoyed reading these posts, as I have enjoyed writing them. I would encourage you to comment below as usual, but not this time. This time I encourage you to start your own blog. Yes, there are so many out there, but that is no reason to not add your voice. In fact that is the only reason to add your voice, because it is yours and it's not out there right now. I'm going to take a wild gamble that it ought to be.

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