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I have written about my personal passion for RGD here before, but it occurs to me that a reader may not know what the RGD is or what they do. So let us clear that up before I go any further. The RGD, or Registered Graphic Designers, attempts to set a standard of quality and philosophical ideals that members try to adhere to. This includes policies of not participating in spec work or standards of accessible design. This means if a designer has the RGD credentials attached to their names a certain level of work is expected from that designer....

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Standing at the edge of my second year of Graphic Design school at St. Lawrence College one aspect has continually surprised and thrilled me; the people I meet and work with. Early last term I decided to become a member of the RGD Student Committee. I wanted to begin becoming a part of the larger world of Design and I saw RGD as a gateway to that. These meetings and projects connected me to wonderful students in other programs across the province and I feel part of a much larger community now. One of the best parts of RGD is...

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