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I recently asked my friends (via Facebook) what the title of their autobiography would be.

I was interested to hear what people felt about their own life story.

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A strong statement, one that I know many of you will disagree with. Give it a second thought though, how many times have you turned in a completely perfect design on the first try. One that you were proud of. Revision, reworking and rethinking is a constant state for a designer. We are, in my experience thus far, a wholly unsatisfied, tortured people. My long suffering friends and family have tried to offer me encouragement and praise when I am working on a design: "It looks great!", or "I really like it" to which I groan or sigh (I'd like...

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The world of design is a very strange one. We see the world through a unique prism, noticing the space between letters, the specific RGB value of a sunset and judging books solely on their covers. We also have heroes and idols that none of our friends have heard of. One such hero of mine is Peter Mendelsund. Last year I attended my first “DesignThinkers” conference held in Toronto by the Association of Registered Graphic Designers. One speaker that I was able to attend, really caught hold of something in my mind and I’ve carried a lot of what he said with me. Peter...

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The mode of story telling has for the most part remained the same for most of human history. It has been a passive experience with the story teller doing all the work to a willing audience who consumes the themes, characters, and pathos and the only real input they have had is to either participate in the exchange or not. With the invention of computers, devices with untold potential in processing and memory, storing those stories became easier than ever before. We turned our attention then to another type of story telling then, interactive, where we say to the audience,...

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Sometimes you just can't beat being in the comfort of your own home, that is the beauty of television. Television has gone through a renaissance in the past few years with more and more experimentation in what audiences want to consume, usually en masse, in their own living room. I though it prudent to examine the typographic qualities of this medium.   Hill Street Blues 1981, originally aired on NBC A lot of the current trends in breakthrough television can trace their roots to this often overlooked show. It broke many of the formats of what a show should behave like...

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